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Fix the Spooler Subsystem App closed by Data Execution Prevention error

June 15th, 2012

Computer problems often interrupt our work and get on your nerves. Print spooler errors are among those errors that can unexpectedly pop-up and cause a lot of trouble. The symptoms of this error are that it is impossible to print a document and you get the “Spooler Subsystem App closed by Data Execution Prevention” pop-up message.

spooler subsystem app closed by data execution prevention

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  1. First of all, you should launch the Task Manager by clicking CTRL+Alt+Del buttons. Hit the three buttons at the same time. Then select the Process tab and click on Select Columns. In the dialog check the PID (Process Identifier) box. Click OK to save the changes.
  2. Next step would be to open a command prompt window (you can access it in the Start menu, you will need to select “Run“). In the new-opened command prompt type “net start spooler” without the quotes.
  3. Then enter the Task Manager again and locate spoolsv.exe process there. Now you will be able to see the PID. Write it down.
  4. Now start the command prompt window and type in “ntsd -p [enter PID here] -g -G“, then press Enter.
  5. Wait until the process finishes and you see a prompt with the following message. Type:
  6. ntdll!DbgBreakPoint:
    7c822583 cc int 3

  7. In the last line you will see the name of the dll file that caused all the problem, for example HpTcpMon.dll.
  8. If you see HpTcpMon.dll, the problem is that you have the old hptcpmon registry file which cannot be read by the new version of it – remove the old registry data or just rename the file, for example, by adding “x” in from of the name.
  9. Wait a bit and then start print spooler. Go to Start > Run and type “net start spooler” in the command prompt.
    This should work nicely and solve your problem.

Is it the only way to solve the annoying Spooler Subsystem App closed by Data Execution Prevention error? Of course, no! Instead of spending hours following the manual instructions, you may as well download a specialized tool that will solve the error for you. Spooler Fix Wizard was designed by professionals and it is able to locate all the errors connected with print spooler and solve them in a blink of an eye. If it is necessary, it will remove registry files, but its actions will not crash your system. So the choice is for you to make – either fix the error independently and spend some time on it, or install the Spooler Fix Wizard and forget about the error in a moment.

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