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Print Spooler Fix Video Tutorials

March 26th, 2012

3 Video Tutorials that will help you to solve Print Spooler problem on your PC

  1. To start spooler service click Start>Run and in command prompt type in “cmd” without quotes. In the opened black window type in “net start spooler” If the access is denied proceed to the next step
  2. Now you may try to download a Microsoft tool called “Microsoft Fix it”. Type the name in Google and it will lead you to the page where you can read about some ways to diagnose your problem. Go to step 2 “Use a troubleshooter”. Click on the download link, save the tool on your PC and run it.
  3. If Microsoft tool wasn’t effective, you may use another tool called Print Spooler Fix Wizard which you can download from Print Spooler Fix Wizard is a complex tool that is intended to fix different errors in spooler subsystem.

    DownloadDownload Fix Wizard

  4. The video also explains how to fix error 1068 “The Dependency Service or Group Failed To Start”: Just go Start>Run and type in CMD /K SC CONFIG SPOOLER DEPEND= RPCSS and your problem should be fixed.

  1. Go Start > Control Panel > Administrative tools > Services
  2. Find Print Spooler there, double-click it and change startup type to “Automatic” in case it is set otherwise. And if the Service Status is “stopped” click on the button Start. Apply the changes. The problem is solved!

And finally, this video shows how to fix Print Spooler error with the help of Microsoft tools.

  1. Go to the page Print Spooler Problems in Windows, click on Step 2 “Use a troubleshooter” and download Microsoft Fix it tool.
  2. Install the tool. When the program is installed, choose “Detect the problems and apply the fixes for me”.
  3. Print Spooler was restarted, but the printer still shows the printing error.
  4. Try to cancel printing of all the documents. You see that the documents are still stuck in the queue. To solve this problem use Windows Resource Kit (It works great for XP)
  5. Install Windows Resource Kit and run Command Shell. Type in: “cleanspl.exe” without quotes. You will be asked to write your PC name. If you don’t know it go Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System, go to system properties and check your name.
  6. Click Browse and save your spooler.exe file, then click Clean spooler.
  7. If you are asked to remove standard monitors, choose NO
  8. Reboot your PC
  9. After that all you need to do is to install printer.
  10. Now you can use your printer.

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Fix Print Spooler – It’s more than simple Fix Wizard

May 4th, 2009

Print spooler comes to light when you don’t wait any tricks from your printers. Print spooler subsystem job depends on USB ports and TCP/IP protocols. Fix print spooler is rather disagreeable thing especially if it finds itself during intense work of many printers. Spooler service is situated in your advances list if printing capability is enabled in your system. Deleting or erasing fix print spooler file interrupts all Print spooler job till printer spooler can work stably.

DownloadDownload Fix Wizard

After printer spooler receives printing directive you can add or delete any printer jobs in your print queue. At the moment you click on Print button somewhere in system application the printing job is set up for your system and exactly at this moment spooler makes the dust fly. Printer spooler is responsible for the construction of print queue without any errors. Malicious programs can be detected after receiving a printing directive. Your system can advance several printing commands synchronously just thanks to spooler subsystem app.

When print spooler runs you can see an icon of printer spooler in the taskbar. When you are given back an error window “Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close.” after clicking on the printer icon it may be a sign of threat. While your computer runs you can see “Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close.” error. If you found an error you should first of all verify your running processes list for fix print spooler. Installing printer driver which is incompatible with already working drivers will also cause fix print spooler to interrupt its work.

Some troubles may happen owing to virus infection, corrupted driver or even user’s mistake. The error displays if fix print spooler was terminated by accident or you switched it to Manual or Disabled mode. While using Windows XP, the expected reason of fix print spooler can be fix print spooler virus infection. You should remember that it is rather dangerous to make significant replaces to printer spooler service without enough knowledge about it. Fix print spooler is the most popular cause of printer killing.

In some cases fix print spooler can be restored from Windows installation CABs. Be confident that your print queue is clear if you begin your fight with spooler subsystem matter. Reinstalling printer drivers can save from your question only if you are a lucky man. You shouldn’t install more than needed printer drivers on one PC because they may turn out to be incompatible with each other. Reinstalling printer drivers can become a new question for you if your fix print spooler has been infected before.

Remember, that if you think you can redeem spooler subsystem by hand, you are wrong in most cases – the situation may replace to a worse side after your intrusion. It is not recommended trying to spare spooler error yourself. Be careful when editing registry entries of spooler job queue as you can harm your system. In order to free some of my time, I made a decision to provide some category of stand-alone treatment for everybody who needs facilitate to deal with fix print spooler. I was headed up with complaints and requests of those people who couldn’t save the problem by hand.

Spooler Fix Wizard involves five years of expert’s experience, possesses excellent knowledge of the sources of your problem and provides quick results. Spooler Fix Wizard can help you to cope with fix print spooler in several clicks of your mouse. You can download Spooler Fix Wizard one time and forget about fix print spooler without any loses in your system. Spooler Fix Wizard has shown excellent results in saving fix print spoolers. Spooler Fix Wizard is intended for fixing fix print spooler without any loses of resources and time.

DownloadDownload Fix Wizard

Manual solution cannot be so easy and quickly as Spooler Fix Wizard created by Security Stronghold Company. As I’m convinced Spooler Fix Wizard is a high quality product and guarantees the result of its work. You stay in the gain in any case. If you have any questions about Spooler Fix Wizard Security Stronghold assistance team is at your disposal. Your money will be returned if your problem connected with fix print spooler doesn’t disappear. Thanks to Spooler Fix Wizard you’ll spend dozen times less money than if you would call a specialist from the computer shop.

Information provided by: Alexey Abalmasov