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Causes of Print Spooler Errors

The print spooler acts as an intermediary between your computer and your printer and allows your software to communicate with your hardware when printing. When the Spooler service is stopped or malfunctions, printing is not possible. To prevent further problems with your computer, this error should be fixed immediately.

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Reason 1: You have virus or trojan infection.
Reason 2: Spooler service was stopped by accident or is turned to Manual or Disabled mode.
Reason 3: You installed or tried to install printer driver which contains error or incompatibility with previous printer drivers installed in your system. One of the symptoms is that print spooler keeps restarting.
Reason 4: Print job and drawing instructions files (.shd and .spl files) were corrupted by accident which caused print que lock and as result – Spooler service crash. One of the symptoms is error message telling that the print subsystem is not available.
Reason 5: HP 1018, HP 1020, HP 1022 printers have a known issues with latest Adobe applications when you are trying to print some .pdf files.
Common Symptoms

Print Spooler error symptoms can include high CPU usage, documents in the queue won’t print or delete, lock-ups, slow PC performance, disk space errors, and system freezes.

Fixing the Problem

Print Spooler errors are easy to repair. Download and run the error repair tool – Printer Spooler Fix Wizard to quickly and effectively repair the print spooler subsystem and problems caused by registry errors.

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