Print spooler service is not running – How to Solve this Problem

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Print spooler service is not running fix tutorial

Print spooler is a key part of the whole printing process in Windows. Print spooler cooperates with printers drivers and input-output elements. Sometimes (most commonly in Windows XP, but also happens in Vista and 7) you can see “Print spooler service is not running” error, like this:

print spooler service is not running

Print spooler subsystem is responsible for the “spooler subsystem stopped working” errors. If something is wrong with spooler subsystem Windows informs you about a print spooler service is not running with an error message. If you are reported with an error of spooler subsystem service your PC might be infected by malware. When spoolsu.exe is running you can see an icon of printer spooler subsystem app in the taskbar. At the moment you click on Print button somewhere in Windows program the printing problem is set up for your system and exactly at this moment “Spooler subsystem app has encountered an error” message appear. Your system can process several printing instructions synchronously just thanks to spooler. First try instructions given in this video:

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Your system can process several printing directives synchronously just thanks to spooler subsystem App. When you are given back an error “Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close” after clicking on the printer icon it may be a sign of threat. If you cannot find your new installed printer in the list of Printers and Fax it may be spooler subsystem corruption. Printer spooler service is not running is the service which is obligatory to run in the processes list all the time. This issue can be a reason of killing any printing advances.

Facts about error:

  • This error is very bothering thing because it displays every time you try to print.
  • Some troubles may display due to malware, corrupted driver or even users mistake.
  • Occasional stop is the most popular cause of printer error, btw.
  • Though you have met ineffectiveness of anti-virus to help you getting rid of the problem you shouldn’t panic.
  • Reinstalling printer drivers can redeem your matter.

If you spoolsu or sp00lsv malware, verify your system has newly updated anti-virus. In a few number of cases print spooler service is not running error can display after reinstalling your printer drivers. To spare the matter you should locate temporary folders of your printer driver and erase all files with .shd and .spl extensions. It is not recommended to fix error by yourself. Remember, that if you think you can solve issue by hand, you are wrong in most cases – the situation may transfigure to a worse side after your intrusion.

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Manual solution cannot be so easy and quickly as Print Spooler Fix Wizard developed by Security Stronghold Company. Spooler Fix Wizard can facilitate you to cope with print spooler service is not running error in several clicks of your mouse. As I’m convinced Spooler Fix Wizard is a high quality product and guarantees the result of its work. Spooler Fix Wizard has shown excellent results in saving from spooler errors. Spooler Fix Wizard is intended for fixing problems is not running without any loses of resources and time.

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