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Nothing can be printed without printer spooler subsystem if you work under Windows system. Unfortunately, often fix spooler error happens in most unsuitable moments. You simply can’t print without printer spooler subsystem app in your system. Printer spooler subsystem is an essential part of Windows system. There are several known malware that mask themselves to be legal spooler.

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Spooler subsystem is used by Windows to manage printing tasks. Fix spooler error leads to printing impossibility. Owners of different printing jobs can be located around the network. If you experience problems with spooler, first of all check if spoolsv.exe service runs. If spool sv service is stopped, printing is impossible.

You can find spoolsv.exe in the list of currently running processes. If spoolsv.exe is stopped it should be run for printing to become possible again. It’s important for printer spooler subsystem app files to be intact. Printer spooler subsystem app is usually used to manage printing tasks from different software and users. You can start or stop spooler service file in Computer Management – Services list.

Trying to run spooler service may result in failure, if printer spooler subsystem files are corrupted. There is a service in Windows called spoolsv.exe service that should be always on. The main sign of the print spooler error is an error window, happening every time you try to print something. Watch the printer spooler is working, if you have problems with printing. It would be a great idea to check your PC for malware.

Fix spooler error causes printer spooler subsystem to terminate working. You definitely have a problem with your spoolsv.exe service if you see any error window when trying to print. Sometimes spooler may stop working properly and the user sees fix spooler error. If you can’t print – first of all check if the spoolsv.exe service is running. Some users even can’t add or delete printer drivers when printer spooler subsystem app service is corrupted.

If spoolsv.exe is stopped, it may be the result of fix spooler error malware business. Fix spooler error is one of the most famous trojans that cause fix spooler error. In some cases spooler service can be restored from system installation CABs. One of the most common reasons of fix spooler error is that several printers are installed at the same moment under Windows Vista. The problem displays also if spoolsv.exe was stopped occasionally or you turned it to Manual or Disabled mode.

One important thing you should know is that there are a few common reasons of printer spooler problem. The problem may appear because of virus infection, corrupted driver or even because of users mistake. Sometimes spoolsv.exe file can disappear from the system. If you use Windows XP, the possible reason of fix spooler error can be fix spooler error virus infection. Fix spooler error is one the reasons which is responsible for printer spooler errors.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to help everyone who’d like to solve his fix spooler error. Everybody asks for support in solving his fix spooler error. My email is bombarded with messages from users who faced printer spooler problem. To spare some of my time, I decided to provide some category of stand-alone solution for all, who have spooler error. I receive a lot of requests to fix spooler subsystem app errors.

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